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PDMS Records entertainment & Dj Patsan create Videos content from Performing to creating single tracks of my original music. Please enjoy the ride. The Music videos "Strange boy" & "Break it Down" were filmed in Australia with some talented vocalists and videographers.DJ Patsan partnered with the like-minded visual artist to create a unique feel for his music videos.Hope you really enjoy the music and if you like to book Dj Patsan please do so from the homepage contact details. The Latest Video created by Ben from Absolute Eye Studios the  song  "That's Right" is a more groove sound like sound feat Antonio Garcia Pedro on the Saxophone and the videos were filmed in Bangkok , Thailand which follows a story going to a gig in Bangkok and the music video highlights that of a new era and a new vibe with Rise productions who have been established in all events and club gigs throughout Thailand a talented crew who have been around for almost 10 years promoting DJs events and promoting quality music . Videos are an important roll to music these days encompassing the visual and audio is apparent in today's ever-changing music industry and videos.

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